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An important announcement from President and CEO Shawn Manley

The Board of Directors of Covenant Bible Seminary is pleased to announce a change in our name to Covenant Bible Institute.

Founded in 1947, our mission is to be a Christ-centered academic community where students are welcomed, equipped, and prepared to fulfill their calling through a lifetime of faithful service. We believe we can most faithfully carry out our mission through the flexibility implicit within our new name.

The change to ‘Institute’ reflects our commitment to serve both people who desire an academic degree and those who seek deeper knowledge in Biblical studies and theology. Covenant Bible Institute equips all students to use their knowledge in a wide variety of ministry settings. We continue to offer accredited degree programs through our relationship with Kairos University, including bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees. Over two years ago, we implemented certificate and diploma courses designed to prepare God’s people for ministry and life.

Whether you seek an academic degree, preparation for ministry, or equipping yourself to be a more faithful disciple, CBI has the right courses for you.

We look forward to serving you at Covenant Bible Institute.

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For more detailed information about this name change, click the button to read the official letter from Shawn Manley, President and CEO. 

You're Pulling My Leg!

Click below to read Reflections on a Name Change, by John Golling, Registrar and Director of Student Life. 


Your Path...

Strengthen Your Faith into an Applicable
Understanding of Theology and Scripture

Is CBI Right For You?

Military Ministers
Study at Covenant Bible Institute to become a more committed disciple and active minister of Christianity.

Vocational Pastors 
Study at Covenant Bible Institute so that they can better communicate God's Word to the congregation.

Ministry Support Members
Study at Covenant Bible Institute to effectively help their community understand scripture and theology. 

Everyday Disciples
Study at Covenant Bible Institute to gain a greater understanding of how God's Word works in their life.



Find your unique gifts and learn how to leverage your strengths



See how God is directing your path, and pouring HIS grace through you.



Connect with others who will share your journey, and encourage you along the way.

Enhance Your Ability To Accurately Interpret and Communicate God's Word. 

Start the journey toward strengthening your vocational or volunteer
ministry at Covenant Bible Institute today

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"There is an actual fellowship and camaraderie to understanding that in the future everyone will continue to grow in God's word and share that with other people."

Stephen - CBI Student

"At Covenant Bible Institute you will discover a solid and foundational teaching of the bible that will challenge your walk with the Lord and strengthen your faith."

Mary - CBI Student

"Even though I had anxiety about starting school again those feelings quickly disappeared because of the welcoming environment that made me comfortable learning more about my faith."

Deborah - CBI Student